Santosha - the sanskrit word for contentment - reflects our firm belief that we have all we need inside to live a happy, fulfilled life. Our retreats, whether our adventures take us inward or outward, help you to unearth that joyful capacity deep within you and learn to excavate it in any circumstance. Take a break, give yourself some space, breathe deep, move freely and explore with us!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sad News from Santosha...

It's been a little quiet on our end, we know... but now we are ready to share: after co-leading more than a dozen retreats, Halli is stepping away from Santosha to focus on other pursuits.  Happily, she will continue to offer her support and friendship to Santosha and help to maintain the same standard of excellence in our retreats, wherever they may take us.

From Halli:Building Santosha with Marisa has been the fulfillment of a dream, satisfying our yearning for meaningful travel and our calling to share the profound teachings of yoga.  Through leading Santosha retreats, I have consolidated my interests and my talents with the subtler yogic practices of breathwork and meditation into the application of mindfulness, non-reactive, non-judgmental awareness.  I have been immeasurably enriched by the courageous and adventurous participation of all of you over the years and am so grateful for all you have taught me through your presence and joy.  Marisa's enthusiasm, her knowledge and skill have supported me in my evolution as a teacher, a workshop leader and as a friend and I look forward to seeing how Marisa will continue to grow Santosha's offerings.  I value the connection I have had with each of you and I hope our paths will continue to cross as Marisa and I both follow our bliss through our new and ongoing endeavors.  I invite you to stay in touch with me as I invest more deeply in my business, True Self Coaching (  I continue to serve as a meditation teacher, Mindfulness Coach and thought leader in the field of consciousness.  Thank you for all that you have been with Santosha and all you continue to be! Marisa will continue to lead retreats; some on her own, some with new partnerships. Stay tuned: tomorrow, we will post a preview of what's next for Santosha and ask YOU to help decide where to go next!

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