Santosha - the sanskrit word for contentment - reflects our firm belief that we have all we need inside to live a happy, fulfilled life. Our retreats, whether our adventures take us inward or outward, help you to unearth that joyful capacity deep within you and learn to excavate it in any circumstance. Take a break, give yourself some space, breathe deep, move freely and explore with us!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Truth or Consequences really helped us breathe in the new year... an overdue THANK YOU!

Thank you from Marisa
What a lovely time we had in Truth or Consequences, NM last month for our annual Breathe New Life Into Your Life retreat.  I say it every year... and I am going to say it again... what an amazing group of yogis.  It is such a privilege to lead people into their bodies, into their breathe, into relaxation and truth.  Thank you all for allowing me to do this for you!

As always, there was quite a crew behind the scenes making it all possible... many thanks to Grapes Gallery, Firewater Lodge, La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa, Studio de la Luz, Ova Leuthye, Teina Barrett-Wells, Turtleback Oasis, Grapevine Bistro, Brazen Fox and to all who stopped in their day to wish our yogis well - we truly felt loved and supported!

As you know, this was our first year without Halli Bourne co-teaching.  She was was there in spirit, both as she sent us good vibes and we all thought of her throughout the practice. Transition is part of our practice, always.

The tremendous Maggie Griffin-Taylor joined us to hold space, give reflexology treatments and assist us in our practices on the mat.  Her joy and abundance of spirit were amazing and so appreciated by all of us. Thank you, Maggie!

This year we changed our format a bit to accommodate the Saturday evening Art Walk.  This gave us an extra meditation class - a time to really focus inward and become still, helping to deepen our practice over the weekend.  I think this will become a regular feature in years to come.

Speaking of years to come - please mark your calendars to join us next year!  Our dates are set for January 6-8, 2017 and registration will open in the fall of 2016.

Again, thank you to everyone that supported and participated in this retreat - YOU ARE AMAZING!

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