Santosha - the sanskrit word for contentment - reflects our firm belief that we have all we need inside to live a happy, fulfilled life. Our retreats, whether our adventures take us inward or outward, help you to unearth that joyful capacity deep within you and learn to excavate it in any circumstance. Take a break, give yourself some space, breathe deep, move freely and explore with us!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Breathe DEEPER in April at Ghost Ranch

The long-standing Breathe New Life Into Your Life Retreat is going on the road!  Join us for a deeper exploration April 8-10 at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM...

This is a weekend retreat set in "Georgia O'Keefe Country" where I hope the expansive skies and contemplative nature of the landscape will help you to take your yoga to another level...

We will, as usual, have 4 yoga/meditation/pranayama classes over 3 days but for this weekend our Saturday morning class will be a longer workshop-style class in which we will explore the nitty-gritty of the breath and its powerful impact on our life.  We will talk about the physiology of the breath; the physical and yogic anatomy of the breath; work with the breath in postures and in meditation; explore the transformative interplay of breath and relaxation; and commune with the breath in a luxurious yoga nidra practice in this 3 hour morning class :-) Look below for more details about this rejuvenating weekend...

Retreat Schedule (always subject to small changes)
Friday, April 8
3:00pm - Check in begins at Ghost Ranch
5:30pm - Dinner
7-8:30pm - Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama class
Saturday, April 9
7:30am - Breakfast
9-noon - Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama Workshop
Noon - Lunch
Free Time - check out the many wonderful trails at Ghost Ranch, enjoy the library or simply enjoy the view from your room.
5:30pm - Dinner
7-8:30pm - Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama Class

Sunday, April 10
7:30am - Breakfast
9-11am - Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama Class and Closing Ceremony

About our yoga practices:
We will have a mix of restorative and energizing yoga practices during this retreat.  All practices will be especially breath-infused and options for more challenging or gentler modifications will always be offered.  You can expect a fair amount of quiet breathing and meditation practices that can be done seated or reclined.  I will encourage you to always work at the level that pleases you most in that moment.  For more background on how and what I generally teach, please visit my blog -

Pricing ranges from $243 (Commuter) to $435 (Double Occupancy, Private Bath).  Meals, classes and lodging are all included.  Lodging ranges from simple suites to bunkhouses, please ask Ghost Ranch if you need a particular type of lodging.

All registration is directly through Ghost Ranch.  Click here to register online or call toll-free 877.804.4678, ext. 4155 or ext. 4121.  

About Ghost Ranch
Ghost Ranch is a national educational and retreat center owned by the Presbyterian Church. The mission of Ghost Ranch is to enrich lives; to that end, they host an enormous number of workshops each year ranging from yoga to outdoor education to music and art and more. At any given time there are also a number of people staying at Ghost Ranch to enjoy the surrounding beauty on a personal spiritual or artistic retreat.  Going to Ghost Ranch always feels to me like going to summer camp - surrounded by the beauty of nature, eating in the dining hall, rustic buildings, trekking from activity to activity :-)

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