Santosha - the sanskrit word for contentment - reflects our firm belief that we have all we need inside to live a happy, fulfilled life. Our retreats, whether our adventures take us inward or outward, help you to unearth that joyful capacity deep within you and learn to excavate it in any circumstance. Take a break, give yourself some space, breathe deep, move freely and explore with us!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shhh... don't tell ;-)

Regular registration opens 10/1 for the January 2016 Breathe New Life Into Your Life Retreat in T or C, NM.  BUT links are up and open now!  That means that if you register TODAY (9/30), you will have access to the exclusive early bird rates.  Rates change at midnight, so don't delay if you like to catch an unexpected good deal!  Announcement of open registration goes out tomorrow morning, take advantage of being in the know and stay ahead of the pack in nabbing your spot for the always deliciously, decadently relaxing retreat.

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