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Friday, August 29, 2014

Aloha Spirit

Arrived in beautiful Maui yesterday, ahhh :)

Had an adventure when my tire popped 15 minutes after picking up my rental car. And my phone died at the same time....But it reminded me of the wonderful aloha spirit. A very nice recently retired cop stopped by the side of the road (thanks, Clint!)  Helped me with my tire, gave me an island orientation (yes, almost all street names end in lani, so you need to know the whole street name with all of its vowels), and he gave me directions to the coffee shop where I could plug in my phone and find the whole name of the street I needed.

People have been so friendly and helpful. And the environment is amazing! Today it was sunny on the coast, sprinkling on the mountain, and you could choose your temperature by elevation.   But the beaches... warm water, gentle waves, fine sand. Fantastic. Head over to our Facebook page for a mini-vacation with a picture of Baldwin Beach...

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  1. A misadventure without consequences! So glad you have gotten back on the road to enjoy Maui's stunning beauty. Tell us more!